The Church


“The origins of the Parish of St. John the Evangelist can be traced back to when the neighboring Church at Condita was opened for public worship on the feast of St. John the Baptist in the year 157. In the year 1588, the whole village of Marol became Catholic.” (Catholic Directory of the Archdiocese of Bombay, 1982 edition. Also refer ‘Thesaurum Rerum Indicarum’ Val. I-P. 560 quoted by Fr. Conti, S.J. and Prof Gracias). Thus, the year 1988 marks the fourth Centenary of the conversion of Marol to the Catholic Faith.

A regular English Primary School in Marol was founded by five parishioners: Mr. J. J. Almeida (Condita). Mr. P. F. Pimenta (Marol), Mr. J. J. George (Marol), Mr. N. F. D’Mello (Gundavli) and Mr. E. G. Coelho (Condita/Mahim) in the year 1889. Thus the year 1989 marks the Centenary of St. John the Evangelist School, Marol.

Fr. Manuel Gomes, a Jesuit, called ‘the Apostle of Salsette’ built the Portuguese Church at Condita in the year 1579. This Church was abandoned due to the outbreak of a devastating epidemic there and a new Church was built at Marol in the year 1840, partly from subscriptions and partly from Church funds. Fr. Jose Lourence Paes was the Vicar. Thus, the year 1990 marks the Centenary and half of our Parish Church.
This brief historical sketch is presented as a souvenir of the three Centenaries; it is also an expression of my gratitude to my father and mother and to my forefathers through whom I received the gift of the Faith.

No claim is made to any original research while preparing this sketch. However, the historical account and the statistics have been compiled and collated from well documented publications, the more important of which have been mentioned at the end. Some part of the information pertaining to this Parish is from my personal knowledge.


His Eminence Simon Cardinal Pimenta
Archbishop of Bombay
Son of the Parish

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