1.  Name of the Association/Cell : Pre Baptismal Catechetical Programme
Name of the Head: Jonathan & Bernadine Fernandes

2.  Profile: The Pre Baptism cell originated from the Family Cell. In the year 2000 Fr. Hilary Rodrigues-Parish Priest invited Jaime & Ligia to provide Pre Baptism training to interested couples of our Parish. About 8 to 10 couples attended the training but only two couples took the initiative to conduct the talks. To begin with, the four talks were condensed to only one talk and expecting couples had to attend only one session.
In the year 2008, Jaime & Ligia were invited to provide the necessary training.  The four couples successfully completed the training and are conducting the talks till date. Since 2010, Fr. Edwin is our Spiritual director.

3.    Contact details : Cell Nos. 9820240272

4.    Eligibility : Married practicing Catholic couple

5.    Aim of the Association/Cell: To help expecting couples to understand the importance of Baptism and how it is linked with our married life. To guide the couple in the faith formation of their child, provide advise on selection of Godparents and make them aware of the Rite of Baptism through the talks conducted in the Pre Baptismal Catechesis programme.

6.    Work done by the Association/Cell: Since 2000 Pre Baptism sessions were conducted on a monthly basis and since 2008 till date on bi monthly basis.

7.    Reach of the Association : Expectant couples

8.    Numbers of Members : 5 couples

  1. James & Bernice Martin
  2. Edward & Louvella Nunes
  3. Jonathan & Bernadine Fernandes
  4. Brian & Sara Pereira
  5. Stanislaus & Flavia D'Sa 

9. Meeting timings: 4 Sessions a month.

10. Upcoming events:  Pre Bap talks to be conducted bi-monthly