1.      Name of the Head : Mrs. Sangita Fernandes

2.      Profile :The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary was established by the then parish priest, Rev. Fr. J.Z. Pereira on 23rd July, 1928, under the patronage of Our Lady of Assumption. The Sodality was affiliated to the Prima Primaria Sodality, Rome, in 1934.  In 1970, the World Federation of the Sodality, adopted the name “World Federation of Christian Life Communities”.  Following this, the Bombay Federation adopted the name: “The Christian Life Movement” (CLM).   

3.      Contact Details :Mrs. Sangita Fernandes - 9819195292

4.      Eligibility to Join :Any lady parishioner above the age of 18 years

5.      Aim of the Association : To make our women (especially the simple housewives) aware of their role in our Holy Mother the Church and to enable and encourage them work for God’s Kingdom, as well as to emphasise to them the important part they too, play in the mission of Jesus, who during His Ministry on earth, always uplifted women.  Also, to emulate their patroness, Our Blessed Mother Mary, in reaching out to others in love and service.  

6.      Work done by the Association :Celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Assumption annually on 15th August, preceded by a nine day Novena, thus enabling the Parish to focus on the importance of a filial devotion to Our Blessed Mother who is the Mother of our Redeemer; Reading of a given passage from the Bible/Reflection on God’sWord-every week – thus enhancing the study of Scripture in a simplified way for the members;  attending to: the upkeep of the inside of the  church, dusting/cleaning, laundering & mending of the linen, altar cloths, altar servers’ garments and other sacred cloths, altar decor, floral arrangements, brassowing of vases/candle-stands/other sacred vessels, organising the hosts/chalices for every Mass, collection of offerings at Sunday Masses, organising Mission Sunday Cafetaria, visiting the sick and housebound, aiding poor and orphaned children etc.

7.      Reach of the Association :To reach out in love and service to ; the sick, aged, housebound not only within the parish but outside too, especially to those in community Homes and ashrams, priests and religious especially the older ones in clergy homes and convents, senior and housebound members of the Sodality itself, the dying and destitute in Homes, the orphaned, handicapped and mentally challenged kids in orphanages and institutions.

8.      Number of Members :90 ladies

9.      Meeting Timings :On every Tuesday, at 7.30 p.m. – after the evening Mass – in the church

10.  Up-coming Events:
(1).Celebration of the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady on 8th December

 (2) Pilgrimage to the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception at Mount Poinsur, Borivili, in January 2012 

(3) Visits to a Home for the Aged/Sick/Destitute,  Women’s/Children’s Homes, Orphanage, Mission Station in February 2012  (3) Out-door Way of the Cross  in March 2012