1.       NAME OF THE HEAD:   Edward Nunes

         NAME OF THE ASST HEAD: Louvella Nunes

2.       PROFILE :The Family Cell was started in the year 1998 under the spiritual leadership of the then Parish Priest, Rev. Hilary Rodrigues. As a run-up to the preparation for the Synod, the Archdiocese had sent a directive to all parishes, to establish a Family Cell, to help improve the over-all quality of family life in Christian homes. Consequently, Fr. Hilary took the initiative and called for couples to offer their services to establish the Parish Family Cell. Initially 9 couples volunteered... a good beginning !! Within a couple of months, the Andheri Deanery organised an evening’s Programme at Holy Family Church, Chakala, for the family cells of the ten parishes. Six couples from our parish attended. They came back enriched with a lot of good input as well as with Prayer Cards and stickers with a family logo on it. These were distributed to every family in our parish through the SCCs – to remind us of the richness and importance of creating a good family environment – another directive from the archdiocese!!  From there on, our Parish Family Cell took root. Of course, five couples slowly dropped off. However, four stood their ground. A few marriage/family enrichment programmes were conducted. However, the main thrust was on the Pre-Bap Catechesis, which today is a full-fledged ministry in our parish      

3.       CONTACT DETAILS : 9920845027 / 9930687454

4.       ELIGIBILITY TO JOIN:Couples in a stable marriage with leadership qualities to be role-models, single parents, as well as their children.

5.    AIM OF THE CELL:  Identifying and meeting the needs of families in the parish, generally by co-ordinating the various services and resources already available in the parish, and also by direct action. Reaching out to families, in difficulties and crises, so as to support and strengthen the structures of marriage and family.  The Family Cell is deeply committed to being a multi-faceted family life renewal ministry. Through individual renewal and family renewal, the Family Cell ultimately renews the life of the parish.

6.    WORK DONE BY THE CELL:Programmes in Family Life Education, Parenting, Marriage Enrichment, Social events for married couples, World Marriage Day  Celebrations - are conducted – from time to time,  during the year.

7.    REACH OF THE CELL:to all families in the Parish so as to build each family as the Domestic Church

8.    NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  13 members along with Fr. Edward D'Souza as the Spiritual Director.

9.    MEETING TIMINGS :once a month, after the evening Mass – in the church


                                                   -World marriage day in February along with a get-together