1.      Name of the Head: Edna Uphadhyay

2.      Profile:This cell has been started with the idea of WOMEN Empowerment - taking up issues related to women and girls. It addresses issue of women both domestic and social.

3.      Contact Details: 9820668145

4.      Eligibility to Join: any adult Catholic woman who wishes to take up issues related to women and girls.

5.      Aim of the Association:It reaches out to the women and girl child to give them love and respect, dignity, equality and importance in the family and in society.

6.      Work Done By the Associations: It reaches out to women who have some family problems or may require assistance to sort out problems or need counseling so as to get back to living good and respectable lives. They advice girls of the various schemes and opportunities being offered to girls and those of the minorities by the Government and other organizations.

7.      Reach of the Association: to all women and girl children.

8.      Number of Members: Edna Upadhyay, Barbara Oliver, Gracy Olivera, Dorina Coates, Maria Harding, Daphney      Vaz, and many more....

9.      Meeting Timings: Monthly - 2nd Sat, 5 pm

10Upcoming Events Date wise: International womens day on Mar 8, 2014