1.     Name of the Head: Dr. Thomas Kuruvilla

2.     Profile: Prerna Health Cell is a part of the Prerna Community Centre (CCO). There is a panel of Doctors who visit the Health Centre daily.

3.     Contact Details: 9820338924

4.     Eligibility to Join: Selected members

5.     Aim of the Cell: The Health Cell was started with the aim of providing health services to the poor, the marginalized, as well as society at large irrespective of caste, creed or social status.

6.     Work done By the Cell: In the past three years more than 3000 patients have received medical assistance. Prerna Health Center has at various times held several camps and talks on the health related topics. These are for the school children, parishioners, men and women of different age groups.  All doctor’s consultation charges are very nominal, and medicines are dispensed  with 50 to 60% discount as per MRP rates.

7.     Reach of the Cell: It reaches out to the poor and the marginalized who are  recommended through the zonal leader or the social worker .These families receive free medical treatment and medicines .Poor families are also given vitamin tablets, and  protein supplements.

8.     Number of Members: Dr. Thomas Kuruvilla is the Chief Medical Officer and Mr. Peter Rebello the Administrator.

9.     Meeting Timings: Monthly

10.  Upcoming Events Date wise: