1.      Name of the Head: Godfrey Pimenta

2.      Profile: It helps create an awareness in the community about social issues and protect the rights of  both parishioners and the neighbourhood.

3.      Contact Details: 9819730201

4.      Eligibility to Join:

5.      Aim of the Association: The Civic and Political Cell was started with the aim to develop civic consciousness among parishioners and foster good relationship through dialogue,  and service between the Church and society.

6.      Work Done By the Associations: The Civic and Political cell has taken up various issues with the Municipality, RTO, and other civic authorities on various issues. It has conducted meetings with people of the locality to make them aware of their rights on various issues and through signature campaigns taken up these issues with the concerned authorities.

7.      Reach of the Association: to the entire Parish

8.      Number of Members:

9.      Meeting Timings: Monthly

10.  Upcoming Events Date wise: