1.   Name of the Zonal Leader : Mrs. Benadicta D’Souza

2.   Profile (Description of SCC) : It was started around 18 to 20 years ago. The name of the Community is St. Francis Xavier’s Community. There are around 186 families in this community.

3.   Contact Details of Zonal Leader : Mob No. : 9892534469

4.   Eligibility to Join : All Catholics residing in the following areas:

a.    Y.A.C. Nagar                    b. Konkan Nagar

c.    Ganesh Kunj                   d. Maheshwari Nagar

e.    M.I.D.C.                           f. Akruti MIDC

5.   Aim of the Community : To reach out to the poor in the community and also to try to bring all the people in the community together.

6.   Work done by the SCC : Help the poor or sick families in the community by giving them clothes, bed sheets, food, etc. Also inform families of the Church activities.

7.   Reach of the SCC to all & even the non catholic people : To help those in need

8.   Name of Animators : 1. Mr. Anthony Fernandes (PPC Member)

                                2. Mrs. Desiree Lobo (PPC Member)

                                3. Mr. Jamie (James) Rodrigues (Sports Rep.)

                                4. Mr. Leon D’Souza (Sports Rep.)

                                5. Mr. Roque D’Silva (Eucharistic Minister)

                                6. Mrs. Lorraine Fernandes

                                7. Mrs. Elizabeth Alphonso

                                8. Mrs. Juno Luke

                                9. Mrs. Agi D’souza

                              10. Mrs. Balbina Lobo

                              11. Mr. Raj Athalya (Youth Animator)

                              12. Mr. Zal Fernandes (Youth Animator)

                              13. Mr. Chris D’Souza (Youth Animator)

                              14. Mr. Anson Alvares (Youth Animator)

                              15. Ms. Sherryann Tanday (Youth Animator)

                              16. Ms. Sheryl Lobo (Youth Animator)

                              17. Ms. Vilma Rodrigues

                              18. Ms. Lavina Coutinho

9. Meeting Timings : Thursday following the PPC meeting at 7:45 pm.

10. Upcoming Events Date wise :

      October : Sports day in the community

                        Rosary at the crosses in the community

      November : Community Picnic

                            Children’s Day

                            Drawing competition for children

      December : Zonal Mass

                            Carol Singing

                            Children’s Christmas Party