1.      Name of the SCC Leader: Julie Shinde


2.    Profile: The area comprising of Takpada, Sathbagh, Mittal Estate. The name of the Community is St. Francis Xavier’s Community.          There are around 69 families in this community


3.      Contact Details: 9930753065


4.      Eligibility to Join: All Catholics residing in Takpada, Sathbagh, Mittal Estatearea


5.      Aim of the SCC: To reach out to all the people in the community.


6.      Work done by the SCC: Prayer service & trophies for SSC, HSC students, visit to homebound, Parents & Childrens day, zonal Mass,   Quiz competition, Rosary in Oct.


7.      Reach of the SCC: to all the people of Takpada, Sathbagh, Mittal Estate area.


8.      Names of Animators: Michael C., Philomena D., Martina Naik, Sandra D., Mary Patnaik, Anita P., Christina C., Vincent D., Veronica R.,   Julie R., Lourdes P., Mary C., Regina C.


9.      Meeting Timings: Monday following the PPC meeting at 8 pm


10.  Upcoming Events Date wise: Youth picnic