1.      Name of the Head: Daisy Vaz

2.      Profile: The area of Kondivita, Andheri (E). The name of the Community is St. Mark’s Community. There are around 155 families in                this community.

3.      Contact Details: 9867074747 (Roshan),

4.      Eligibility to Join: All Catholics residing in Kondivita area.

5.      Aim of the SCC: To reach out and to bring all the people in the community together

6.      Work done by the SCC: Prayer service for students, Rosary in Oct.

7.      Reach of the SCC: to all the people of Kondivita.

8.      Name of Animators:

a)      Daphney Mascarenhas (PPC Member)

                        b)      Luiza Creado (PPC Member)

c)      Roshan D’Souza (Sports Rep)

d)     Philomena Mascarenhas

e)      Theresa Rocha

f)       Margaret Aranha

g)      John Colaco

h)      Joe D’Silva

i)        Eva Xavier

9.      Meeting Timings: Tuesday following the PPC meeting at 7:45 pm.

10.  Upcoming Events Date wise: Nasik trip (Feb), Mass for the sick.