1.       Community co-ordinator : Conrad G Oliver

2.       Profile (Description) of SCC : The core group of 20,animate the community of 176 families, to come together in fellowship, together with 13 other such communities to build the entire parish as a community, vibrant in the  various activities of the church and in service to one another at  for the growth of the individual and the family.

3.       Contact Details:

Savio D’souza                    9819415825
Sunaina Fernandes         9821583013
Flavia Soares                      9820946117
Gracy Oliveira                    9321734973

Conrad Oliver                    9867855885                        

4.       Eligibility to Join:
Availability to attend meetings and plan, execute programmes , interact with people and motivate them to offer their time, talent and services to the community and the church.

5.       Aim of the SCC:
To reach out to the needy and the housebound, based on love and care and in harmony, carry out the annual plan of  getting families involved in parish  activities, solve  problems,encourage talent, improve relationships for the well being of the church and its people.

6.       Work done by the SCC:
Visiting  families of the bereaved, the  housebound and sicklary
Annual Community Mass/.
Devotion to the rosary in May and October

Visiting orphanages, homes for the aged,clergy home
Lenten way of the Cross

Community picnics / senior citizens day / parents day/ children day/teachers day
Musical talent promotion
Bible study
First holy communion and Confirmation prayer services carol singing

7.       Reach of the SCC:
176 families in 14 clusters

8.       Name of Animators:

Savio D’souza / Sunaina Fernandes          PPC Councillors

Flavia Soares                                                      Steering Committee Member & Secretary

Gracy Oliveira                                                    Steering Committee Member

Michelle Rego / Nancy Fernandes / Mathilda Pais / Leanne Fernandes / Flory Dsouza

Mathew D’sa / Joe Mendes / Pius Lobo / Bradman Fernandes / Sebastian Fernandes

Lisha Dsouza / Ruel Dsilva / Ophelia Dsouza

9.       Meeting Timings:
2nd Friday of the month,  8 pm, at Little Infant’s nursery,Heart’s Ease, ( Bratton Fernandes  & fly.)

10.   Upcoming Events – Date Wise:

Senior Citizens Day – 22nd October, 2011
Childrens Day – 14th November  2011
Carol Singing – 20th December, 2011

Visiting  Families – Christmas season