1)         Name of the S.C.C. Leader: Esperanza Pinto

2)         Profile: the Dhemli SCC has been existing for more than 23 yrs. It is located near the St Johns Evangelist Church. It consists of 166 families. It is one of the richest SCCs. The name Dhemli is a Portuguese name given by the Portuguese who built the Church. It was in 1988 that the parish was differentiated into Communities.

3)         Contact Details: Esperanza-9833406277.

4)         Eligibility to join: All Catholics who come with the area of Church Road & Hill top.

5)         Aim of the SCC: to be of service to all the families in the SCC, to help each other and to work together         unitedly to build a better SCC.

6)         Work done by the SCC: to be of true service to all families in the SCC, visiting the homebound, sick and               aged, distribution of community fund envelopes, Johanian Jottings and other related activity details to all               families. conducting of the holy half hour and other related prayer services.

7)         Reach of the SCC: we reach out to all people of the SCC, young and old , sick ,home bound  and also if required to our non-Catholic brethren.

8)         Name of the Animators : , Sharon P.(PPC member), Meena M.(PPC member ), Esperanza, Mellita Braggs, Emilda, Renita, Toynet Fernandes, Shirley Fernandes, Pansy, Charlotte Lobo, Wilky, Monica.

9)         Meeting Timings:  Every month on the Friday following the PPC meeting at 7.45 pm

10)      Upcoming events Date wise:

                             a)  Rosary at different place in the SCC on every Sunday in the month of  October
                             b) Mission Cafetaria contribution in the month of October in aid of the mjissions.

                             c) Senior Citizens Get together

                            d) Carol singing in the SCC by the youth.

                             e) Prayer service for the 10th and 12th std students date yet to be finalized

                             f) Zonal Mass : date yet to be finalized.