1. Name of the Zonal Leader: Flavia Coelho (PPC Member)

2. Profile: : Graduate working with Citizencedit Co-op Bank Ltd.

3. Contact Details:  : 9820826199/ 9821279478

4.Eligibility to join:
Catholic parishoners belonging to the Chimatpada Community

5.Aim of the SCC: To reach out to each & every family in the community & to bring out fellowship

6. Work done by the SCC : Conducting Rosary every Sunday at the community cross and on feast days specially during the month of October & May,  Visiting the home bounds, conducting the way of the cross Conducting the Prayer Service for the First Communicant & The Confirmation Candidates, Drawing competition for Parents Day Christmas Party for Children, Picnic for animators, Formation of various cluster for Bible sharing, & reaching out to every family in the community

7. Reach of the SCC: Navpada. Chimatpada, & Hasanpada  upto the Big Masjid near Marol Naka .

8. Name of the Animators: Vilma Furtado ( Zonal Leader ) Rita Coutinho ( Eucharistic Minister) Severine D’souza ( Eucharistic Minister) Nelson Sequeira, Steven D’souza,   Violet Lobo (Navpada area) Judith Daftary , Sunita Rodrigues,  Rita D’souza . Jonita Fernandes ,   Abel   Varghese ( Masjid area). Ossie Monteiro, Joseph Mascarenhas ( Sports representative)

9. Meeting Timings :  Wenesday after the PPC meeting at 8.00pm or Sunday at 6.30pm

10. Upcoming Events :   

October: Rosary at the  Community Cross Daily and   on Sunday at 5 different clusters Prayer Service with fellowship for Animators
November:Visiting  the Clergy Home
Visiting the Breaved families of the Zone (2 nd Nov)
December:Christmas party for Children
Carol Singing
January:  Prayer service for 10th &12th Std Students
Feburay: Way of the Cross for the Home Bound
March:  Picnic for Animators
April: Community Eucharistic Celebration
May: Rosary at the Grotto with celebration of the 
Feast on the 31st of May