1.      Name of the Head: Ramona Mendes

2.      Profile: The BCC started in 1988. It is a ‘Bhandar’ of love & togetherness. Presently there are 151 families (Oct 2011), 19 Animators, Children for Christ, NYG & Clusters.

3.      Contact Details: 9821161766

4.      Eligibility to Join: those who belong to this area

5.      Aim of the Association: Community members together believing, reaching out, involving every member to grow in Discipleship.

6.      Work done by the Associations: Maintaining a personal contact with every member, visiting, organizing prayer services, encouraging youth & children to visit sick & housebound, assisting marginalized for medicines & education, etc.

7.      Reach of the Association: to each & every member in the Community of Bhandarwada

8.      Name of Animators: Judy D’Souza. Hillary P., Ramona Mendes, Premila, Mary Anthony, Helen P., Sebastian F., Florine C., Meena K., Vanitha F., Anthony F., Wendy, Aloma M., Rita F.

9.      Meeting Timings: Wednesday after the PPC at 7:45 pm in the Church meeting room.

10.  Upcoming Events Date wise: To be announced.