CHAIRPERSON: Fr. Edward D'Souza

VICE-CHAIRPERSON: Bro. Ashley Rodrigues

CO-ORDINATORS: Milagrine D’souza


PROFILE: The Altar Servers was started in our parish by Rev. Fr. M. F. Baptista only for boys as The Altar Boys Sodality in the year 1934 thereby making it one of the oldest Associations of the parish!!! The patron Saint of Altar Servers is St. John Berchmans whose Feast day is celebrated on 13th August. It is a privilege to be selected as an Altar Server because he or she throughout the Eucharist is close to the altar on which our Lord Jesus Christ is present.

ELIGIBILITY TO JOIN: It is an honour and privilege to be an Altar server. Both girls and boys who have received their First Holy Communion and have the desire to serve the Lord can enrol as an Altar Server. An Altar Server should know all the daily prayers, Mass prayers and the order of the Mass. An Altar Server has to be punctual and regular to serve the mass he or she has been appointed for. Parents are encouraged to send their children to enrol as an Altar Server.

MEETING TIMINGS: Meetings are held on Sundays at 4.15pm but during school vacations meetings are held as per the announcements in Church. Before any important Liturgical Celebration, e.g. Christmas, Holy Week or Feast day’s special practises are held. Trainings are held for new Altar Servers before they are appointed to serve at Mass. An Altar servers Deanery rally is held once a year as well as an annual Picnic.