1.      Name of the Head:Sharad Pitale

2.      Profile:This Cell is very important because each day the number of persons with addiction are increasing .Due to various tensions people are losing their  tolerance. More and more people are resorting to alcohol and drugs with an idea that these are quick solutions and thus get addicted. Day after day the number of cases are increasing and hence this group is facing new challenges, but it is yet welcoming new cases and looks up to help all those              who need help.

3.      Contact Details:9892422735

4.      Eligibility to Join:All People who have had problems with Alcohol and drug abuse.

5.      Aim of the Association:The members of this cell reach out to help others in a similar ways as they were able to come out of their problems.

6.      Work Done By the Associations:This Cell functions on its own good will. People who have had problems with Alcohol and drug abuse have come together and they have helped each other to overcome it. So they now reach out to others who have such problems and are looking for a cure or solution.

7.      Reach of the Association:To All People who have had problems with Alcohol and drug abuse.

8.      Number of Members:The Group is headed by Sharad Pitale and his group of God’s trusted servants as they call themselves. The group keeps the names of it’s members anonymous so as to protect their identity.

9.      Meeting Timings:They meet each week on Wednesday at 7.30 pm in a classroom near the church.

10.  Upcoming Events Date wise: