1.    Name of the Head: English: Mr. John Savio D’Souza
       Konkani: Mrs. Matilda Rodrigues
       Marathi:  Mr. Sebastian Fernandes
       Children: Mr. Christopher Khan

2.    Profile: The Parish has had liturgical singing from its beginning, A tombstone in the central aisle of the Church records that Antonio Dias served as Music (Choir)   Master for 45 years. He died on 6th March 1862. The Parish had the 'St. Cecilia's Musical Society' under the leadership of Mr. Thomas M. Misquitta. The Society was established on 22nd November 1890 and continued till September 1910. The Parish had a band ('St. Theresa's Band'.) for about 15 years (1935-50) under the leadership of Mr. C. J. Lopes, Choir Master for several years. The Parish then had a full-fledged choir for over 20 years. It sang regularly in the Church and its repertoire included polyphonic singing in Latin and English. Following the guidelines laid down by the Sacred Congregation of Rites in its Instructions on Music in the Liturgy (5th March 1967) and those contained in the paragraph 'The Importance of Singing' in the General Instructions on the Roman Missal (1970), which exhort 'the faithful to sing together psalms, hymns and spiritual canticles', the Parish has adopted congregational singing.

3.    Contact Details: English: 9820610268
       Konkani: 28314500, 9920823503
       Marathi: 28392910
       Children: 9820924643

4.    Eligibility to Join: Those who can pass the audition and are able to sing.

5.    Aim of the Association: To encourage people to sing the praises of God and to serve the Lord.

6.    Work done by the Associations:  1. Singing at Sunday & feast day Masses
                                                                      2. Carols & hymns for Christmas Midnight Mass
                                                                      3. Singing for the Holy Week services

4. Singing for Weddings and Special Masses

7.    Reach of the Association: To the whole Parish

8.    Number of Members: 150

9.    Meeting Timings: Previous day of the respective Mass

10.    Upcoming Events Date wise: Will keep you updated