1.      Name of the Head:  Mark Fernandes

2.      Profile: The St John the Evangelist Community Fund (SJECF) was set up as per the circular issued by the Archdiocese of Bombay. The SJECF receives voluntary contributions from the parishioners normally being 1% of the monthly income of the parish families. The Fund also receives contributions by way of  donations from individuals, institutions, and well wishers.

3.      Contact Details: 9820230317

4.      Eligibility to Join:

5.      Aim of the Association: To provide medical assistance and rehabilitation to the marginalized. To provide financial assistance to deserving students for education.

6.      Work Done By the Associations: These funds are utilized to provide relief to families and individuals who due to various circumstances temporarily become incapable of meeting the basic needs of living. The Funds are also utilized for the maintenance of the Church as the Church Support collections have been discontinued. Besides funds are disbursed to the Small Christian Communities for their various activities and fellowships.

7.      Reach of the Association:  Persons /Families seeking help from the fund need to approach their Community Head or an Association Head to apply.

8.      Number of Members:  The powers are conferred by the Church Trust  to sole trustee, ie the Parish Priest. He is assisted by a team of parishioners.

9.      Meeting Timings:  Monthly

10.  Upcoming Events Date wise: