1. Name of the Head: Mr. Arthur Miranda

2. Profile: To be a medium of information to the parish and also be an instrument to spread the Good news of our Lord to all our parishioners

3. Contact Details: 9821088748

4. Eligibility to Join: Any parishioner above the age of 18 years.

5. Aim of the Cell: To be a source of knowledge and a mean of making God’s word known to all.

6. Work done by the Cell: Compilation of articles/Catholic new items/Reports/ Quizzes/Parish News/Information etc and to present the same to the parishioners through the hands on bulletin

7. Reach of the Cell: To the entire parish through the distribution of the magazine to all our families in the parish.

8. Number of Members:  Arthur Miranda, Conrad Oliver, Bernice Martin, James Martin, Stan D'Souza, Aloysius Dias, Michelle Rego, Lorraine Nunes

9. Meeting Timings: Twice a month – as decided unanimously according to the members convenience

10. Upcoming Events Date wise: Publication of the issues 3 times a year.