Names of the Responsibles of the Neo Catechumenal Way

Responsible of 1st Community : Wilkie Fernandes

Responsible of 2nd Community : Annette D’Mello

Responsible of 3rd Community : Connie D’souza

Responsible of 4th Community : Calvin Carvalho

Overall In-Charge : Wilkie Fernandes


1.      Profile of  The Neo Catechumenal Way

The Neo Catechumenal Way is simply a WAY of CHRISTIAN INITIATION.  Further to our  Baptism as infants, we have all received ongoing formation in faith but mostly only upto the level of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Hence for most Catholics the Baptism remains a potent, powerful but dormant seed which needs to be nourished regularly by the Word of God , Faith Formation by way of Catechesis and the Sacraments in order for it to bear fruit.   

Today the process of secularization had brought many people to abandon the faith and the church: because of this there is a an even greater necessity for an itinerary of Christian formation.  The Neocatechumenal Way is not a movement or an association, but an instrument in the parishes at the service of the bishop as one of the forms of diocesan implementation of Christian Initiation and of ongoing education in faith.

  The nature of the Neocatechumenal Way is defined by His Holiness John Paul II when he writes:

"I recognize the Neocatechumenal Way as an itinerary of Catholic Formation, valid for our society and for our times." 


2.      Contact Details of the Responsibles  

Wilkie Fernandes  :  (Mob)  9821222734

Annette D’mello    :  (Mob)  9821738748

Connie D’souza     :   (Mob)  9820034397 

Calvin Carvalho    :  (Mob)  9820629531


3.      Eligibility to Join the Neo Catchumenal Way

        The Neo Catechumenate is open to all -

-          Who desire to deepen and mature their faith

-          Who feel the need for ongoing education in the faith through catechisis

-          Who wish to experience the power of their baptism in their day to day lives

-           Who wish to have a synthesis between faith professed and life lived


4.      Aim of the Neo Catechumenal Way

Within the parish, the Neocatechumenate is lived in a small community – called neocatechumenal community – since the complete or common form for the Christian Initiation of adults is communitarian.  The community helps the neocatechumens to discover their need for conversion and maturation in faith: differences, defects and weaknesses show clearly the incapacity to love the other as he is, destroy false ideals of community and more importantly provide the experience that communion (koinonia) is the work of the Holy Spirit.

As the neocatechumens grow in faith, signs of koinonia begin to appear : not judging, not resisting evil , forgiveness and love for the enemy.  The neocatechumenate thus progressively forms in the parish an ensemble of communities which make visible the signs of love and unity which call contemporary man to faith.


The Aim of the Neocatechumenal Way is to be an apt instrument to help the parish fulfill more and more the ecclesial mission to be the salt, light and leaven of the world and to shine before men as the visible Body of the risen Jesus Christ, universal sacrament of salvation.


5.      Work done by the Neo Catechumenal Way

The neocatechumens collaborate “actively in the evangelization and building up of the Church” above all by being what they are: their decision to live the Christian vocation in an authentic way becomes an effective witness for others.  After a suitable period of time in the Way, taking into account the maturity of their faith, the neocatechumens begin to collaborate also in the missionary and pastoral work of the parish and of the diocese, according to each one’s vocation.


In the church the neocatechumens are actively involved in work of evangelization :

-          As Families in Mission to be the presence of the church in areas that are predominantly

           non-christian (Missio Ad Gentes)

-          As Itenerant Catechists called to announce the gospel wherever needed   

-          As Local Catechists to announce catechesis in various parishes wherever invited

-          As Catechists of Faith Formation in Sunday  School, Confirmation & Post Confirmation

        Koinonia is also made visible in helping the needy, caring for the sick, the suffering, the old

       and the neocatechumens partake in the ministry of regular weekly visting to the sick and

       housebound as lay people and also as Eucharistic Ministers. 


6.      Number of Members

1st Community  :  23 members  ;  In the formative stage of the “Our Father”

2nd Community :  13 members  ;  In the formative stage of the “Initiation to Prayer”

3rd Community :   17 members  ;  In the formative stage of the “2nd Scrutiny”

4th Community :   15 members  ;  In the formative stage of the “Pre Catechumenate”

Total Strength : Around 70 adult community members and in addition around 18 children.


7.      Meeting Timings

 Word Celebration Communitywise  :  On Wednesdays  8 pm to 9 pm

 Celebration of Eucharist Communitywise  :  On Saturdays  8 pm to 9.30 pm


8.      Upcoming Events Date wise: