1.      Name of the Head: Blaise Moraes (President)

2.      Profile: It is one of the oldest organizations in our parish. It caters to the poor, the marginalized and the widows mostly Catholics and even non-Catholics.

3.      Contact Details: 

4.      Eligibility to Join: Any adult Catholic parishioner of St. John the Evangelist Church.

5.      Aim of the Association: The main Motto of the organization is to rehabilitatefamiliesand individuals, and to give them, human dignity and self confidence to live good social life with respectand good moral standards.

6.      Work done by the Associations: They make regular visits to  these families to check on their wellbeing and progress. Every Second Sunday of the month, the SVP members stand with their little boxes so that people would offer some help in cash. This love offering goes to their adopted families and also those who come for medical help. The SVP also provide meals in the afternoon to the school  going children from the members of adopted families. During the novenas to Our Lady in the month of August/September the love offerings made and also those received during Holy Week are distributed through the SVP to the marginalized families of the parish through recommendation of the Zonal Leaders.

7.      Reach of the Association: They reach out to 41 adopted families, from these families, some of them are adopted for provisional role, i.e. school fees and medication are provided.

8.      Number of Members: The SVP has around 35 members (Brothers and Sisters) who work zealously to meet with the ideals of their Patron, St Vincent de Paul. The two Vice Presidents are, Ms. Educian Rebello and Ms. Yvonne Homem.

9.      Meeting Timings: Every Wednesday at 7:45 pm.

10.  Upcoming Events Date wise: