1.      Name of the Head: Fr. Edward D'Souza

2.      Profile:Prerna Community Center gets its vision, direction, principles, spirituality and social action from the Diocesan goals. It provides various welfare  services to communities

3.      Contact Details: 28258484

4.      Eligibility to Join:The role of the C.C.O. is to conscientize people towards their Human rights.  It goes beyond caste, creed to include people of all faith and culture, and to help them to come together on a common platform, to take up common issues.

5.      Aim of the Association:To achieve the goal of moving towards a more communitarian, participatory, serving church, and to bring  justice and relief  to the poor, the  suffering  and the marginalized.

6.      Work Done By the Associations:In the year 2002-2003, Prerna Community Centre started the Mahila mandals. Groups called Mandals were formed in various communities. These groups were started to provide assistance and help to the poor women and domestic workers. Area wise  groups are made and  a group leader of that particular area is appointed. The monthly meeting was conducted by the social worker and the zone coordinator. Problems relating to Ration Cards, electricity connections and other problems which are received are discussed at these meeting and the ladies  are taught to collectively coordinate to get their work done through, the  B.M.C. Office, Ration Office or other offices to which they put up their grievances’ or problems. Ms Joylina Almeida who heads this cell is also the Social Worker and is assisted by area or zonal coordinators. These ladies have also been provided many schemes which could help them generate some income for their families like sewing and needle work, envelope making, tie and dye craft work, cooking class. They were allowed to sell their goods in the church compound on Sundays. Besides adult literacy programs have also conducted, where  they are taught of various saving scheme, and how to avail of other offers which are available from Government and other agencies.

7.      Reach of the Association:

The various cells of Prerna are:


8.      Number of Members:

9.      Meeting Timings:Monthly

10.  Upcoming Events Date wise: