1. Name of the Head: Savio D'souza

2. Profile: To animate the various Youth activities in the Parish with the help of the Youth director and also to guide and help the Youth through the Parish Youth Council.

3. Contact Details: 9819415825

4. Eligibility to Join: to be nominated by the Youth Director

5. Aim of the Association: To animate the Youth activities and encourage the Youth to participate.

6. Work done by the Associations: Designed the Yearly planner for the Youth activities in line with the Diocesan Pastoral Centre plan, lend a helping hand to the Youth director, attend deanery meetings.

7. Reach of the Association:  to All the Youth of the Parish

8. Members: Savio D'Souza, Annu, Elizabeth Vaz, Adolf Vaz, Joe Clement, Lara.

9. Meeting Timings: Monthly

10. Upcoming Events Date wise:to be updated later.