1. Name of the Head: Mrs. Bernice Martin

2. Profile: To read, reflect upon and prepare a good liturgy whenever required, thus making God’s love and mercy known to all.

3. Contact Details: 29250451 / 9930967557

4. Eligibility to Join: Any parishioner above the age of 18 years who is interested in reflecting on God’s word can join the cell.

5. Aim of the Cell:  To spread God’s loving word through the medium of the “Liturgy”

6. Work done by the Cell:  
     ·Preparation of Liturgy for all Sundays of the Year, feast days and other special liturgical services organized in the parish.
     ·Preparation of List of Lectors and Cantors for daily, Sunday Masses and other festive masses and Liturgical services.
     ·Organizing meetings and training sessions for Lectors and Cantors
7. Reach of the Cell: To the entire parish – Through the congregation at all masses.

8. Number of Members: 4 members

9. Meeting Timings:  Weekly i.e. on Monday evenings after Mass

10.Upcoming Events Date wise: Not Applicable