NAME OF THE HEAD:Jonathan Fernandes


PROFILE:The Ushers are an important part of any Liturgical Service. The ushers help in the smooth flow of the celebration of the Liturgical Service. An usher has to help the Sacristan in the preparation of the Altar before the Liturgical service and ensure that all Liturgical books, vestments, vessels and other requirements for the service are in proper order. Since an usher is required to ensure the smooth celebration of the Liturgical Service he or she has to be present at least half an hour before the service and be the last to leave. An usher mainly welcomes the people for the service, helping them to any vacant seats, collecting the offering and ensuring an orderly distribution of Holy Communion.

ELIGIBILITY TO JOIN:Any youth eager to serve the Lord. An usher should lead by example and be well versed with the Eucharist and the requirements for its celebrations. An usher is also required to come to Church in proper attire and decently dressed. An usher is required to stand for practically the whole service. He or she must be friendly, respect for others and polite. Although the ushers comprise mainly of youth other parishioners are welcome to join.

WORK DONE BY THE ASSOCIATION:Ushering for Holy Week, Christmas, Feast days and other important Liturgical celebrations.

NUMBER OF MEMBERS:Approximately 40 youth comprising of both girls and boys.

MEETING TIMINGS:There are no fixed dates and time for meetings. Before any Liturgical Celebration the ushers meet firstly to understand the Liturgical service and to plan and take responsibility for the various duties during the service.